Dora's Husqvarna Designer Epic
Florida Sale - No Shipping!

Pictures of my Designer Epic
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Contact Information:
Dora Pearl
Ph: 727-459-1913

My Epic was purchased in December of 2015.

I am primarily a machine longarm quilter and having spent the summer and fall of 2016 building and outfitting a new longarm studio.  I've neither had the time nor inclination to do anything more on my Epic other than to bind a couple of children's quilts and to embroider one item to see how it functioned and as you can see from the pictures below, it's still in its hoop!
The machine has about ten hours total time on it.  It has no scratches or handling marks on it, anywhere.  It is as new!

When it was purchased last year, it was during a window of opportunity when many factory extras were being offered with the Epic as part of a factory bundle.  The only item not included with the sale is the original factory cardboard shipping box.

Because I don't have the original cardboard shipping box, I won't consider shipping my Epic, so this sale is primarly directed to potential purchasers in the state of Florida.

To make life easier on both the sell and buyer, we can do one of three things...

Included with my Designer Epic is the $2,500 factory bundle package that features the additional large roller bag, along with all hoops and hoop storage box & case.  Husqvarna thumb drive loaded with additional designs.

Additional items included:

Threads and case

Other items included: embroidery
Anita Goodesign Special Edition Tree of Life Cost- $ 89.95
Moroccan Tiles styled embroideries by Betty Svensson -cost $79.95
Husqvarna Applique Cutwork by Susanne Flodin $ 79.95
Husqvarna Mega Endless Floral by Susanne Flodin $ 79.95
Husqvarna Yarn Art by Helene Koch $ 79.95
Husqvarna Classis Fashion by Kerstin Widell $ 99.00
Husqvarna Dimensional Decorations by Maria Fogelberg $ 74.99
Husqvarna Delicate Embroideries by Margit Grimm $ 99.00
Quilted Ladies 2 by Bonnie Colonna $ 34.99

Inspira Tear Away - 12" x 25 yds - $ 22.50
Inspira No Show Mesh 12 s 12 yds $ 25.99
Inspira No Show Mesh 12 x 12 yds 25.99
Inspira Tear A Way 12 in x 25 yds $ 22.49
Inspira Tear A Way 12 in x 25 yds $ 22.49
Inspira Clear N Melt 12 x 25 yds $ 19.29