Here are some pictures - some with annotations of my Flat Plate Boat Hoist tower hoist project.  While I need to take the time to annotate below a clean copy of each picture - hopefully this quickly assembled group of pictures will give you some insight into what is involved in getting a project like this off the ground.  Please take note of the fact that I'm utilizing a very small 'large' V-belt pulley.  While most installations call for a 10"-12" large pulley for boat hoisting, Lunmar suggested that since my lift was a light one, that I could move to a smaller 5" pulley for added speed.  They were right.  It moves quickly with no strain.
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The links below are just a sample of what's out there on the web.  You'll see some of the very same company sites displayed more than once under different categories.  Because pricing varies so much between companies, I tried to include a cross section.  If you happen upon a link that's gone bad, email me at and copy & paste the bad link from this page in your message and I'll search out a newer link that works.

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