The map below depicts my five most recent years of 6M loggings for the continental U.S.  Green grids are logged and confirmed; red grids logged but not confirmed & yellow not worked.  I'm a big fan of WG7J's Gridmapper Application.  Uploading your .adi file to the WG7J website renders an interactive map.  By clicking on or mousing over (your choice) an individual highlighted grid, all stations logged in that grid are displayed.  Visit WG7J's Grid Square Mapper and upload your adif file to graphically view your progress on any band.

NEWS FLASH!  August 28, 2012 Johan added a FFMA Award Progress check box to his already great application!  Ver. 1.1.x  will now not only show the FFMA Award chaser visually what he has worked and confirmed but also total and display the number of FFMA grids worked vs. confirmed for you.
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Green = Confirmed
Red = Worked - Not Confirmed
Yellow = Not Worked
Subject:  [FFMA] Gridmapper FFMA statistics update 
Date:  Thu, 06 Dec 2012 23:16:11 -0000 
From:  johanreinalda <> 

since I know some of you here use my Gridmapper tool to map your FFMA grids, I though I'd let you know of an enhancement to it.

Even since I added the FFMA tracking capability, the application has maintained anonymous usage for each FFMA grid. (No worries, only per grid contact totals is stored; no per callsign data is ever stored).

Now this accumulative data can be mapped to see how often the FFMA grids have been worked according to all uploaded FFMA checks. The resulting map can be displayed for confirmed QSO numbers, or for worked QSO numbers (ie. confirmed and non-confirmed).

The map will show grids in different colors, similar to a weather map; ie. white for not worked/confirmed, and warmer colors for more easily worked grids.

Goto  and click on one of the two statistics icons to see the results.

(Note that every FFMA upload will adjust the data; additionally, there is no way to discern multiple uploads of the same ADIF file, so the results can be heavily skewed... take it for what it is worth.)

Johan, WG7J

Full size map
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