Scotch® Rubber Mastic Tape 2228
Long Term Usage Report
(January 2009 to May 2016)
I removed my M2 6M7JHV 7 element 6M Yagi from my tower after 7 years of service in the Florida sun, heat and humidity.  I decided to see what kind of shape my N-connector was was in, so I took a razor knife to the Scotch 2228 Rubber Mastic.  From the moment I started cutting, I knew that I was going to be pleasantly surprised.  While cutting, the feeling was that of cutting through a single sheet of rubber!  As you can see from the pictures below, there was only a small string of vulcanized rubber that refused to break free from the knurled grip of the connector.  Slitting the tape with the razor, I honestly think that if I'd squeezed the sides back together again, they would have resealed adequately enough to work for a few more years.  The internal appearance of the mastic almost leaves you with the impression that it was brushed on as a liquid due to the fact that it formed itself so well to its surroundings.  As to the the N-connector, itself -- it is perfect both internally and externally, as if it had just been installed!  Scotch 2228 is available at Lowes and Home Depot.