HF-6M Transceiver - Icom IC-7851 (Retirement present from my wife!)
6M Antenna - M2 6M7JHV
HF Antenna - M2 KT-36XA
Microphone - Heil PR 781 Dynamic Cardoid
Headset - Heil Pro 7 with Dynamic Microphone
Mic Audio Mixer - W2IHY 8 Band Audio Equalizer and Noise Gate
HF Amplifier - Heath SB-220
Six Meter Amplifier - Alpha 8406 All Mode/No Duty Cycle
Digital Interface - microHAM micro KEYER II
Tower - US Tower TX-455 55FT Crank-up and Tilt-over
Electric Tower Hoist - I'm utilizing a Lunmar 4000lb. Flat Plate Boat Hoist to lift my tower with ease. See Tower Drives,
Life Made Easier - NN4ZZ TiltPlate
Steel Mast - 21' X 2" 1026 DOM Tubing
Rotator - M2 Orion 2800PX
Rotator Controller - Green Heron RT-21
Rotator & Controller Best Bundle Pricing at Green Heron
General Logging Software - Ham Radio Deluxe HRD 6.x
Contest Logging Software - N3FJP Contest Logging Bundle
My Logbook is automatically published to HRDLog.net...
Radio - it's why we exist...
Green Heron Engineering
NN4ZZ TiltPlate and Karlock being readied to support a M2 KT-36XA
along with 6 & 2 meter Yagis on a 2" O.D. X 21' 1026 DOM mast. - Feb. 2013

Green Heron Engineering Controller along with a M2 OR2800 Antenna 'Positioner'. - Feb 2013
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