The spots depicted below represent mostly 6 Meter activity logged by Ham Radio Deluxe for the time period of April 22, 2009 - forward.  As time permits, it's my intention to input an additional 35 years of HF and VHF paper log book entries for
WN4LTX, WA4LTX, Bicentennial AA4LTX as well as my current callsign - W4ABC.
Wish me luck.
If you're a Ham Radio Deluxe user you can
get your own free online logbook/map at: http://www.hrdlog.net/Default.aspx
Ham Radio Deluxe has been purchsed by W4PC's group and is getting better with each update: http://www.ham-radio-deluxe.com/
"Map below logbook sometimes loads slowly"
You can also view my logbook as reported to Google Maps by Ham Radio Deluxe and HRDLog